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Berghaus Crusader 90 + 20 MMPS
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Berghaus Crusader 90 + 20 MMPS

Hind: 269.00 €

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Informations to Backpack Berghaus Crusader 90 + 20 MMPS

If you are planning in the near future an outdoor adventure, this would be the right backpack. The high-quality reinforced nylon backpack is versatile in use and will meet your expectations. The material is resistant to various weather conditions, making it perfect for rougher trips. Through the Multi Mission Pack System (MMPS) you are flexible for packing and can adapt to any situation. It is possible to remove the two side pockets and they can be joined together to use as a 20 litre day-pack. On the front are two clips for firmly anchoring hiking poles or ice pick. Additional loops on the side pockets are designed to accommodate skis. A reinforcing metal framework is installed in the back area for extra stability . Since during hiking or other activities, the fluid intake should not come short, this backpack has a attaching device for a hydro pack, two protected openings on the sides are provided for hydration tubes.

- Material: reinforced nylon
- Dimensions: 88 x 57 x 33 cm
- Volume: 90 l + 20 l
- Weight: 2.95 kg

Size 1: 153 - 165 cm
Size 2: 160 - 173 cm
Size 3: 170 - 183 cm
Size 4: 183 - 198 cm

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